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The official blog for this website has been launched. It contains chess news, computer tips, the myths about knuckle cracking and much, much more. Click here to view the blog.

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Welcome! You have stumbled upon the GeniusProphecy range of free information websites. We have useful information on chess and creating websites. We also have articles on other subjects such as Star Wars and real estate and much more.

These websites have been running since 2003, formerly under a Geocities Free website (which no longer has many functions but you can access it here). This is supposed to be a serious site, so please ignore the strange comments that I sometimes put up.

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Star Wars Section

Discusses Star Wars characters, the overall plot in the six moves and Star Wars video games.


Chess Section

Looks at a range of things to do with chess - playing chess online, a program to play against online, repertoire suggestions, chess stories and plays, etc.

Fun Section

A flurry of fun things to look at - news, play Mario, learn more details about your internet connection, etc.

Internet and Computers Section

Contains tonnes of information to do with computers and the internet, especially aimed at computer security and protection.

Australian History Section

Information on Australian History, including eugenics, the Royal Flying Doctors Service and a summary of Australian History (1900-1930)

Rubik's Cube Solution

Ever wondered how people solve a Rubik's Cube? Here is the solution and how to memorise them.

Poker Section

Learn more about the historic card game which has taken the world by storm. Includes strategies and site suggestions.

Play chess against the computer

Play chess against JChess, the Little ChessPartner, a strong Java chess engine. See more details below, or start playing now by clicking here.

RuneScape Tips

Tips on this addictive Java-based online MMORPG operated by British developer Jagex Ltd, includes extensive tips and suggestions.

How to Create a Website

Allows beginners to step-by-step learn how to create a website of their own. Also includes tips on attracting traffic.

New Articles

Australian Company Investment
Chess Engines
Play Mario
Internet Connection Properties
Australia's Best Cars 2007

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Template Changes
Recently I have added a new template to this website. You can access the old format here.

Little ChessPartner
Welcome to Little ChessPartner (also known as JChess), a Java chess machine, which you can play online on this website. To play, simply make a move on the board and the engine will respond automatically. Colours are changed whenever you ask for a new game.

This software was designed by the Dutch company LokaSoft, who are also the manufacturers of the very strong ChessPartner program. This online version does not play as well as the PC version of ChessPartner because of the limitations of Java programming. However on a fast PC, it can play at a 2000+ FIDE rating.

This program is still under development and feedback is appreciated.

The Future of Chess
And what about the perspective for the future? GM John Nunn summarised it in a terse email:

2005: Leading GM loses to Hydra
2007: Leading GM loses to his Pocket PC
2009: Leading GM loses to his mobile phone, which plays a rude ring tone every time he makes a mistake.
2011: Leading GM loses to his son's LEGO toy.

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