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Rubik's Cube Solution Memorization


Welcome to my Rubik's cube solution memorization page.

I will now take you through how I was able to memorize the algorithms. For a long time, I resisted trying to remember the algorithms because they were six or eight moves long, but eventually I started trying to remember. It surprised me how easy it was and over 2 days, I was able to complete the Rubik's cube on its own in about 5-6 minutes. With constant practice, I got my time down to 3-4 minutes. You can even faster if you use petroleum oil to speed up your cube. Before you start, you should be able to solve the Rubik's cube without the help of the videos, i.e. so you know what steps to do and the correct order to do them (see "summary" above). Repeat solving the Rubik's cube using the written algorithms about 10 times over at least a couple of days. Now, let's get started with the memorization!

First, jumble the cube and complete the green cross, trying carefully to remember the formula Fi U Li Ui (you should already know Ri Di R D after doing it for steps 1, 2 and 7 in the video). After you do the green cross with the help of reading the algorithms, immediately jumble the cube and do the cross using the patterns from your memory. If you cannot remember, took a look at the algorithm again and then redo the same step. Like almost anything in life, the key to memorization is repetition. You should then be able to remember how to solve the complete green side. I already knew how to do the green side before I started my memorization because I had done the step 1 and 2 algorithms so many times.

The first day, I memorized the two step 3 algorithms (see above) and the step 4 algorithm. To memorize, do the left side of step 3 once, reading off the written algorithm. Then immediately jumble it up and repeat the same step again, this time without reading off the written algorithm. Then do the same thing with the right side of step 3 and step 4. I used the sound "Fru-ruf" to help remember step 4. You should re-jumble the cube and do the steps 3 or 4 more times throughout the day.

On the second day, work on step 5 and step 6 (step 7 should already be memorized). Step 5 is actually surprisingly easy to remember. For step 6, Dan said you can remember this step using "up, away from you, up inverted, away from you, up, towards you, up inverted, towards you". Be sure to repeat these steps plenty of times in order to boost your memorization. Most of these memorization steps are common sense and are quite simple.

I suggest you see the video where Dan explains how to complete the Rubik's cube faster. Click here to see Dan's demonstration on a faster way to complete the cube. Good luck in your memorization!


Posted by Proabffmm on Wednesday, March 5, 2008.


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