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About this site

This is a free information site, which provides useful information on a broad range of subjects. We have articles on chess, creating a website, Star Wars, real estate, index funds, solving a Rubik's Cube as well as many other topics. These pages have been running since 2003. They were formerly under a GeoCities Free website, which no longer has many functions but you can access it by clicking here. This is supposed to be a serious site, so please ignore any strange comments that I sometimes put up. This includes the following biography.

My name is Ziggy. I'm a mysterious bounty hunter, and I normally act under the pseudonym (a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity) Proabffmm. I went by the name Wagdoe in my bounty-hunting years (until I left my lightsaber on another planet). I use McAfee SiteAdvisor to power through my everyday scrimmaging, and Google Search to crawl the web. Other programs I use include the hacker-protection program ZoneAlarm and the famous antivirus program Avast! antivirus. I am the person who maintains all the code for website.

"What a pleasure it is to assist you with your plans, evil, or for the sole purpose of attaining any marketable good or token used by a society as a store of value, a medium of exchange, or a unit of account." Proabffmm, a bounty hunter

About the host

HostGator is one of the top 10 providers of webhosting in the world with more than 1,300,000 hosted domains. The company is known for its great support service and excellent prices. As of September 2008, I have started hosting my website with them. I am currently using their "Baby" plan with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and only $7.95 per month. My previous "Hatchling" plan with HostGator has 350 gigabytes of space and 3,000 gigabytes of bandwidth (although that has also now been bumped up to unlimited space and bandwidth) at $4.95 per month. There is also a  99.9% uptime guarantee and very importantly, a 45-day money back guarantee.


Yahoo! GeoCities is a webhosting service founded by David Bohnett and John Rezner. This site previously ran on the Yahoo! GeoCities Pro plan (back in 2008). The webhosting was an excellent plan from a very reputable company. The reason I moved to HostGator is because Yahoo! was increasing its prices and I felt that I should save some money (although that was before the economic crisis). HostGator is one of the cheaper hosts, but it does not sacrifice on quality. Note that the Yahoo! GeoCities Pro plan will soon no longer be available as they feel that they can provide better service with less plans (and hence they can give more attention to the other plans).

We suggest Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser. It is a simple alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Most online browser exploits specifically target Internet Explorer. Firefox is safe, easy to navigate, contains tabbed browsing and is absolutely free. Firefox had 16.80% of the market share in web browsers during December 2007, making it the 2nd most popular browser at that time. Please note that GeniusProphecy.com pages are optimized for all browsers, and we are only providing Mozilla Firefox as a suggestion.


All pages on this website areMyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected. Please note that anything written on this website (or other websites) is automatically copyrighted according to law, regardless if the copyright symbol is placed on the page.

Thanks for reading this page. I hope you have a good time on this website!


Posted by Proabffmm on Saturday, February 7, 2009.


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