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Here are some of the fun things on this website. It's not all serious stuff at GeniusProphecy!

5-Second Food Rule Dropped - The 5-second food rule has been changed, you may have more time

Animal Gigantism - A look into this natural phenomenon

Australia's Best Cars 2007 - What are Australia's best top-rated cars in each category?

Australian History - A simple summary

Ben's Sword Page - Japanese sword information with Star Wars images

Carl Baron's Hilarious Standup - Goes a little something like this

Chinese Section - Learn Chinese

Connection Properties - Learn your IP Address, ISP, Country and more

Date and Time - Don't remember the date and time? Let's refresh your memory

Funny Quotes - Collection of quotes, mainly from the Simpsons

Investment Section - Learn how to invest your money

Learn About Death - What's there to know about death?

Mass–energy equivalence - Better known as E = mc2

Origin of domestic dogs - An investigation into man's best friend

Play Mario - Play classic Mario in the game "Mario is Back"

Recent News - An online diary

RuneScape Tips - A free F2P guide to some online game

The Best Swordfight Ever - Hilarious!

Treading Water - How to tread water, even though I still can't do it

World News - What's been going on in the world?


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