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Welcome to This site provides useful information about chess and creating websites. It also contains articles on other subjects such as Star Wars, real estate and how to solve a Rubik's Cube. This is supposed to be a serious site, so please ignore some strange comments that I sometimes put up.

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Welcome to Little ChessPartner, a Java chess engine you can play online. Simply play a move on the board and the chess engine will automatically respond. Colours are alternated whenever you ask for a new game.

This software was developed by the Dutch company LokaSoft, the makers of the super-strong ChessPartner program. The online version here will not play as well as the PC version of ChessPartner, due to the limitations of Java. However, on the fast PCs, it may play at approximately a 2000 FIDE rating, or even stronger.

The Future of Chess

And what about the perspective for the future? GM John Nunn summarised it in a terse email:

2005: Leading GM loses to Hydra
2008: Leading GM loses to his Pocket PC
2009: Leading GM loses to his mobile phone, which plays a rude ring tone every time he makes a mistake.
2011: Leading GM loses to his son's LEGO toy.

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